Kiri Media

First Concept, then Design.

All important aspects are discussed in a detailed briefing.

The Design Process
– Timeline –

1. Briefing/Understanding

The first step is to discuss the concept. Ideas are discussed and questions and wishes are included.

2. Define/Collect Informations

This is about understanding the client’s ideas, researching content, and figuring out what makes sense to create the design.

3. Collect Ideas/Scribbles

The collected ideas are put on paper, different designs are developed and here it turns out which design makes it to the final phase.

4. Concept Presentation

In this step, the elaborated drafts are shown to the customer. Here there is a feedback whether still and what can still be adjusted before it goes into the final phase.

5. Finish

The elaborated design is completed and handed over to the customer. Small details can still be adjusted and then handed over to the customer in several variants.